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“Authentic hand-crafted jewelry master pieces”

Taxco well known for the great quality and hand crafted jewelry designs. We’ve been selling great pendants since 1981 with very satisfied returning costumes which the confident to continue growing in this industry.

Taxco’s Silver History Pre-Hispanic Origins
Long before the Spanish arrived in the Americas, the people who lived in the area now known as Taxco used silver. They mined silver and utilized it to build gifts for Aztec gods as well as other rituals.
The Aztecs wore silver jewelry as well, and their jewelers were master craftsmen. Unfortunately, not much Aztec jewelry survived the conquest by the Spanish, but the few items that have remained are stunning.
The attention to detail and inventiveness are incredible! Would you believe the colors and patterns back then were much more vibrant? Take a glimpse at how Moctezuma II, a prominent Aztec monarch, could have appeared with his jewelry.

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